About Us

Welcome to 37% Unplayed! We’re a bunch of nerds involved in the video game industry talking about video games and game design. On average, 37% of Steam games in a user’s library have never been played, and we want to get a chance to play them. We’re going to be focused on playing and reviewing games in a format similar to book clubs. Once a month, we’ll get together to discuss the past month’s game – What we liked, what we disliked, design decisions that really stood out to us, or that we wished had been fleshed out further, and anything else along the way.
All views and opinions presented on this podcast are those of the speakers, and do not reflect the views and opinions of the companies that employ us.
Ally Kinzelman
Ally Kinzelman is an Associate Producer at Bungie. She’s been in the games industry for five years, with most of her experience at Monolith Productions as QA and an Associate Game Designer. She knows just enough about most disciplines in the games industry to get herself in trouble but not out of it. She mostly plays RPGs, and is a sucker for great characterization. Some of her favorite games include: Okami, pretty much any main series Pokemon game, and the Mass Effect trilogy. She greatly appreciates her friends’ willingness to embark on this weird little adventure with her.
Ryan Sand
Courtesy of Ryan and his lovely wife:
Paul Kankiewicz
Paul Kankiewicz is a game designer at Monolith Productions.  He has a broad range of experience in the games industry, ranging from design to programming to QA, and firmly believes that cross-disciplinary skills help people work more efficiently in any team-based environment.  He loves just about anything made by Blizzard Entertainment, and some of his favorite games are Diablo 2, Portal, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  He is the group’s drummer.
Sarah Kisor
Sarah is an artist on the Minecraft team at Microsoft. She loves sculpting, painting, and consuming horror-flavored media. Other hobbies include statue hoarding and spilling coffee on herself.
Frank Schorsch
Lets be frank, I’m currently a Technical Artist at Monolith Productions, supporting out Character and Animation team for tools and pipeline. I grew up hooked on videogames, since then all I’ve ever wanted to do was have a hand in making some truly epic works. If I’m not rocking some co-op, murdering zombies, or commanding armies, the next best thing is kicking it with good company. I’m passionate about gaming, art, visual problem solving, and how it all works together.